LPGA Women’s Network

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“Advice for your game, inspiration for your life



Whether you’re new to golf or a veteran of the game, we’ll help you accelerate your learning and feel more confident on the golf course. Our instruction articles and videos offer simplified golf tips and practical advice for your game, all crafted by women who are experts in guiding novice and experienced golfers.


The strongest communities are those that unite people with a common goal. By becoming a part of our online community, you are joining a supportive network of women who have the shared ambition of living and playing well.


There are powerful intersections between golf and life, and we think the golf course can be a classroom to teach us to live more mindful and purposeful lives. Explore our blog for thoughtful insight, inspiration, and even a few laughs here and there, all from the voices of the women within our network.


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Becoming an LPGA Women’s Network subscriber unlocks our Member Perks, which gives you exclusive access to discounts on travel, golf, and lifestyle products from brands who want to support you in your journey with the game.

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