Golf 101 Testimonials

Why are these stories Beneficial?

  • They will create an opportunity to grow both the program and the game of golf and to share with others the benefit of having golf as apart of their lives.
  • A sense of companionship with other women, thus building connections and highlighting a new community
  • Take a look at what some of our LPGA Golf 101 Teachers have to say about the program: 

“LPGA Golf 101–are you in?  Did you know that our LPGA Golf 101 programs offer all kinds of instructor resources to make your life easier?  Register your LPGA Golf 101 program to receive group lesson planning templates, promotional flyers, videos, and even a certificate of completion to give your students at the end of the program.  It’s EASY, it’s FUN, it’s a great way to increase your hourly income (I love increasing my hourly income), and best of all, your program is listed on the LPGA Women’s Network for students in your area to find you.  Go on the LPGA Professionals Members Only site, find “Other LPGA Initiatives” and register your program today!” – Marvol Barnard, National President, LPGA Professionals.