Program Details

We recognize that women are not one size fits all, which is why this Intro to Golf Program—conducted by Women for Women—follows the overall student-centered LPGA Integrated Performance System to guide you through a comprehensive, 6-module, “Welcome to Golf” program for new, or relatively new, female golfers. With this being said here are  the features we live, learn, and grow by to help our women thrive:

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This program will provide you with key fundamentals to build confidence in your game, network with other women, and learn the wonderful atmosphere golf has to offer.

Here are some Videos that Highlight Each Lesson in the Module:

Lesson 1: Here Carol Preisinger demonstrates how to “Get the Ball Rolling” on the greens.

Lesson 2: Here Carol Preisinger demonstrates the keys to “Getting the Ball on the Green” when chipping.

Lesson 3: Here Dana Rader shows us the techniques of “getting the Ball in the Air” when pitching

Lesson 4: Dana Rader shows us that it’s “All About the Connection” during Full Swing

Lesson 5: Sheryl Anderson explains how to “Empower your Game” during Bunker Shots and when using Bigger Clubs during full swing

Lesson 6: Sheryl Anderson shows how to “Put it Altogether” when on the Golf Course

*Golf clubs can be provided. If you would like to purchase clubs, please download this flyer and ask your instructor about purchasing a set. Offer valid for USA Golf 101 Sites only.
**Sessions will include handouts and golf equipment recommendations