Program Details

This program will provide you with key fundamentals of the game, networking opportunities, and a window to all the opportunities golf has to offer.

Program Features

Lesson 1: Putting
Let’s Get the Ball Rolling

Lesson 2: Chipping
Getting the Ball on the Green

Lesson 3: Pitching
Getting the Ball in the Air

Lesson 4: Full Swing
It’s all About Connection

Lesson 5: Big Clubs and Bunker Play
Empowering Your Game

Lesson 6: Putting it all Together
Getting Comfortable On-Course

Here are some Videos that Highlight Each Lesson in the Module:

Lesson 1: Here Carol Preisinger demonstrates how to “Get the Ball Rolling” on the green.

Lesson 2: Here Carol Preisinger demonstrates the keys to “Getting the Ball on the Green” when chipping.

Lesson 3: Here Dana Rader shows us the techniques of “getting the Ball in the Air” when pitching.

Lesson 4: Dana Rader shows us that it’s “All About the Connection” during Full Swing.

Lesson 5: Sheryl Anderson explains how to “Empower your Game” during Bunker Shots and when using Bigger Clubs during full swing.

Lesson 6: Sheryl Anderson shows how to “Put it Altogether” when on the Golf Course.