Program Details

This program will provide you with key fundamentals to build confidence in your game, network with other women, and learn the wonderful atmosphere golf has to offer.

Program Features

Lesson 1: Putting
Let’s Get the Ball Rolling

Lesson 2: Chipping
Getting the Ball on the Green

Lesson 3: Pitching
Getting the Ball in the Air

Lesson 4: Full Swing
It’s all About Connection

Lesson 5: Big Clubs and Bunker Play
Empowering Your Game

Lesson 6: Putting it all Together
Getting Comfortable On-Course

Here are some Videos that Highlight Each Lesson in the Module:

Lesson 1: Here Carol Preisinger demonstrates how to “Get the Ball Rolling” on the green.

Lesson 2: Here Carol Preisinger demonstrates the keys to “Getting the Ball on the Green” when chipping.

Lesson 3: Here Dana Rader shows us the techniques of “getting the Ball in the Air” when pitching.

Lesson 4: Dana Rader shows us that it’s “All About the Connection” during Full Swing.

Lesson 5: Sheryl Anderson explains how to “Empower your Game” during Bunker Shots and when using Bigger Clubs during full swing.

Lesson 6: Sheryl Anderson shows how to “Put it Altogether” when on the Golf Course.